Wednesday Wins Debut ‘Wins-day’: Good News For Me

I tend to have two to three days obsession for things I want at a particular time. Most times they’re not needed but they’re usually important to me at the time. For example, a robe. Leave a comment if you have a robe. I’ve always wanted one but I just feel it’s something I shouldn’t have to buy with MY money. It’s more of a gift.

Good Morning Lol GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

So the most recent one is earphones. This particular style but maybe with smaller hooks.

As a bougie-broke student on a budget, I wasn’t -and I am still not-willing to spend £40 on earphones to listen to music that I already pay for. So the good news here is that I was gifted or borrowed (depending on how you want to look at it )the left ear of a similar one pending the appearance of the right ear.

 vogue smirk cardi b pleased told you so GIF

I know that’s right.

So hear I am listening to music, happily typing this with my 40 Great British Pounds aka £40 sitting in my account undisturbed.

Russell Westbrook Mood GIF by NBA

If that’s not something to be grateful for in a PANORAMIC , then kindly exit this space because we celebrate every win here. No matter how small.

Let me know what your grateful for this week and how you’re winning in your own way.

Season 4 Robe GIF by Living Single

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