Eating African Food is now a Trend but nobody is talking about this| Moi Moi ,Nigerian Bean Cake.

Today’s post is dedicated to Nigerian Bean Cake also known as Moi Moi(Moin Moin). Incase you didn’t notice ,eating African food was a trend for while . Just click here- youtube .There was a whole drama involving Fufu and it’s just been crazy since then. So I felt I might as well talk about an African food  that  no one seems to be eating or talking about in their videos. It’s called Moi Moi(Moin Moin) in Nigeria, the English name is Bean cake.

I complied multiple pictures from the internet on how it typically looks. Take a look at it. Soo pretty

This is an example of how it is typically made.

There are many more videos on how to make it. Click here – Youtube.

For me, Moi Moi(Moin Moin) is one of the most unique dishes I have ever tasted. It’s amazing the varieties of dishes that you can make out of beans. And I think it is actually suitable to most dietary preferences/options but don’t quote me. Adding eggs , fish and beef to Moi Moi(Moin Moin) , is completely optional . In my household , we usually eat it with egg or fish but when we would buy it from restaurants , some don’t put anything inside.

Speaking of accompaniments, Moi Moi(Moin Moin) can be eaten on it’s own but we usually eat it with certain dishes. It’s almost like eating crispy chicken on it’s own compared to eating it with fries. You see what I mean? So In my household. we tend to eat Moi Moi(Moin Moin) with Custard , Pap , soaked Garri or Oats . There are even more options , if your’re comfortable with certain uncommon food combination. So do you boo.

I think Moi Moi(Moin Moin) and few of other Nigerian Bean dishes are amazing. I would definitely recommended people to try it . I can’t guaranty you would like it, but I can assure you that you have never tasted anything like it. Either good or bad, you will have a reaction . I know quite a few Nigerians  that don’t appreciate the taste of Moi Moi(Moin Moin) , which is fine. So if you end up trying Moi Moi one day and you love it make sure you let me know. BUT. if you don’t like the food , please respect the food and respect yourself.

To round up, Let me know what you think of Moi Moi(Moin Moin).

  • Have you seen or tasted Moi Moi(Moin Moin) before?
  • What do you like about it?
  • Do you see your self eating Moi Moi(Moin Moin) in the furture?

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