Korean Drama Hello GIF by The Swoon
(shy wave)

Yes it’s me ,Ebitimi, back here after a couple of months.

To be honest, I have some excuses I can use so I don’t look that bad but I choose to not use them. So we’re just going to act like I never left, Okay? Okay. Thanks for understanding .


Since we’ve sorted that out, let’s move on to more important things like How has everyone been?!

I’ve been mostly great. I’m currently ill so I’m not feeling too great right now but generally I’m fine.

You know living the flashy Uni life, being a city girl , doing hot girl shit , crossing boundaries and breaking generational curses-not like I have any but yeah- and just living life to the fullest!


Truthfully, I am alive.

And I think that’s enough of an achievement especially because this year has been ‘year-ing’ like never before and Time is ‘flying so fast, it’s almost suspicious.


Do you think the government and scientists are in cahoots to make sure time moves by faster ,so that this whole Corona year can be over and done with? I don’t think that makes sense but it could be a possibility.

Basically, it’s been a ride. A crying-laughing-dirty-clean-hate-love- overwhelming-underwhelming-peaceful-war filled year, but a ride nonetheless. I hope to ride it better than I have been so far. This brings me to another impotortant topic I wanted to talk on.

My accountability.

Honestly, I am disappointed that I was unable to remain consistent in blogging through the summer , although I expected it because there was actually so many things going on. The dissapointment I feel comes fromnot posting or interacring for this long. So my goal is that I don’t stay away for more than 4 weeks , If I have to take a step back for any reason at all.

Okay that’s it from me today. Till Next Post!!

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