Name Change?

As expected, with a roller coaster of a mind like mine, I have ended up here. Here, meaning a myriad of things that I am yet to grasp.

Hi!, welcome back to my blog.

So today’s post, just like last week is a bit different. I am contemplating changing the name of the blog aka Ebitimi Creates and also the Ebitimi Taste category.

I am self-aware enough to say that I enjoy the whole self-branding going. You know, Ebitimi Creates, Ebitimi Taste and that the only reason the other section is called Wednesday wins, is because of the double W going on, if not it would have been Ebitimi Wins.

Yes , this is in fact Ebitimi’s blog, just in case you couldn’t tell.

This is exactly why I think this baby blog is due for a name change. I have some ideas mostly revolving around me, my blog and I . eg. Iblog, MyblogandI , thebloggerinme e.t.c

There are others but I’m actually too tired to keep going. I currently don’t have anything planned for today but I am trying to be consistent, so I want to at least post something.

Good Night!


Time is so precious , why does it fly?

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