My first ever Vision Board| The actual beginning

I remember seeing a tweet about how the best time to set New years resolution is in march because January and February are just test-run for the actual year. Although I prefer starting from Day 01 to a Day 61. I think I deserve a new beginning right now. So this is me saying Happy New year!!!! again

Starting of the year, I decided to make a vision board. I wanted to show the process of making it but I seem to have lost all the files except the actual vision board. I am just thankful I didn’t loose the actual vison board.

Anyways here are the results

The pictures are pretty self explanatory. I think I’m happy with how it looks . I’m thankful for life and I am super excited for the blessings this year will bring. What are your goals for this year?

That’s it for this post. See you next week!

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