I got scammed by an Itallian restaurant

Hey Creatures,

Before I get into this post, I was reading a post I made a month ago about changes on the blog and I started it with ‘Hey Creatures’. It got me thinking, should I put an exclamation mark behind it?. In my head, I’m saying hey creatures with excitement but for some reason, I assumed that is how people read it. You know what? I will add exclamation marks for the next couple of posts -let’s see how that goes. Okay! back to post.

Hey Creatures!!

A while ago I posted about an encounter I had with a blogger on WordPress who was glaringly racist, sexist and just plain stupid. I ended up blocking him but that’s besides the point. Honestly, his nationality did not matter even then and now but while I was typing this post, I remembered that he also happened to be Italian. That would make it two bad encounters which is nothing compared to the thousands of positive experiences I have had with Italians in my personal life.

Anyways let’s get back on track, so I and some of my colleagues decided to go out after an evening of work. After much deliberation and a sprinkle of confusion (no thanks to me), we decided to eat at an Italian Restaurant. We entered the restaurants and were directed to our seats. It was packed and a little hot, leading me to use the drinks menu as a hand fan-not that you needed to know that but oh well.

Anyways, after looking over the food menu , we all chose the 2-course meal option as it was cheaper than just choosing a plate or two of food. We told the waiter that we would be picking the 2-course meal option and the waiter followed by taking down our choice of Starter, Main and Dessert. There was a new dish on the starter menu which was listed under the 2-course meal option, which I picked.

My colleagues and I were looking at the waiter for an explanation because I was right. Then she explained that the starter that I had ordered was not part of the 2-course meal deal so I would have to pay the full price for that , additionally as I ate meals from the 2-course meal option, so I would also have to pay for that too and my drinks as well. It made no sense because I should have been told beforehand that it was not a part of the 2-course meal.

Anyways, I ended up paying. I have no words to use to describe it except that I felt scammed but at the same time the food was really nice. Also, the price difference was not very large so I didn’t feel comfortable causing a scene about it.

Overall, even though I ended up paying, I am happy that I spoke up about it and if it isn’t already obvious, I don’t plan to visiting this restaurant ever again.

Okay that’s it for this post, see you in my next one!

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