I graduated!! +…Quick little catchup or whatnot

Heyy, it’s been long…I know. As always, I have no excuse. Buttt, here’s the thing, I have been relying on my motivation and if there’s anything to be learned from my previous post, you’ll realize that I have always posted about my lack of motivation. Well…here’s proof!

Okay I’m just going to get into the whole catching up thing.

Firstly, I graduated. Yayy me! and guess what?, I graduated with a First Class. Yeah, you read right. Even as I type this post, I still don’t know how I feel about it. But here’s the thing though, I think I feel…underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, I am super thankful and grateful to God for this achievement. I worked really hard for this, like seriously, I got sick because I was soo stressed out BECAUSE of how hard I worked and how overwhelmed I felt throughout the year. But the thing is, I don’t feel like it’s a personal achievement. It almost feels like I am proud of someone and it’s not me.

Does that make sense? I don’t know. I am happy this happened to me, and I know that I am proud of myself but it’s almost like I can’t believe this happened to me. I can’t explain this feeling, I can’t even distinguish the emotions I feel when I think about it. It borders between peace and numbness. Like am I happy and at peace with how everything turned out or do I just not care enough about this achievement to feel like I achieved it? God, please help me understand.

Moving on to where I sort of am right now. Right now, I need a job. Not just any job though, I need a job that checks into all or most of the requirements on my list of what an amazing job looks like to me. And I am here to manifest it. By God’s Grace and Infinite mercies, I will get an amazing Placement, Graduate Job or Job that is best suited for me and the best time, hopefully, but the date I have in my heart but I’ll be happy with God’s will nonetheless.

This brings me to another update. In case, you haven’t noticed just from all I’ve been typing, my spiritual life is doing really well. I feel really good about my relationship with God and I hope this feeling is forever. I trust God more, I trust in God’s decisions concerning my life and most of all, I strongly believe that God loves me, listens to me and wants the best for me. isn’t that amazing?! Can I get a hallelujah?! Too much?…sorry lol.

Okay, that’s pretty much it for this post.I hope whoever reads this receives amazing news sometime this week. All the best!!

I got scammed by an Itallian restaurant

Hey Creatures,

Before I get into this post, I was reading a post I made a month ago about changes on the blog and I started it with ‘Hey Creatures’. It got me thinking, should I put an exclamation mark behind it?. In my head, I’m saying hey creatures with excitement but for some reason, I assumed that is how people read it. You know what? I will add exclamation marks for the next couple of posts -let’s see how that goes. Okay! back to post.

Hey Creatures!!

A while ago I posted about an encounter I had with a blogger on WordPress who was glaringly racist, sexist and just plain stupid. I ended up blocking him but that’s besides the point. Honestly, his nationality did not matter even then and now but while I was typing this post, I remembered that he also happened to be Italian. That would make it two bad encounters which is nothing compared to the thousands of positive experiences I have had with Italians in my personal life.

Anyways let’s get back on track, so I and some of my colleagues decided to go out after an evening of work. After much deliberation and a sprinkle of confusion (no thanks to me), we decided to eat at an Italian Restaurant. We entered the restaurants and were directed to our seats. It was packed and a little hot, leading me to use the drinks menu as a hand fan-not that you needed to know that but oh well.

Anyways, after looking over the food menu , we all chose the 2-course meal option as it was cheaper than just choosing a plate or two of food. We told the waiter that we would be picking the 2-course meal option and the waiter followed by taking down our choice of Starter, Main and Dessert. There was a new dish on the starter menu which was listed under the 2-course meal option, which I picked.

My colleagues and I were looking at the waiter for an explanation because I was right. Then she explained that the starter that I had ordered was not part of the 2-course meal deal so I would have to pay the full price for that , additionally as I ate meals from the 2-course meal option, so I would also have to pay for that too and my drinks as well. It made no sense because I should have been told beforehand that it was not a part of the 2-course meal.

Anyways, I ended up paying. I have no words to use to describe it except that I felt scammed but at the same time the food was really nice. Also, the price difference was not very large so I didn’t feel comfortable causing a scene about it.

Overall, even though I ended up paying, I am happy that I spoke up about it and if it isn’t already obvious, I don’t plan to visiting this restaurant ever again.

Okay that’s it for this post, see you in my next one!

Do NOT record and send videos of me to other people without my consent.

Remember my last post , where I mentioned that some good and not good things have happened to me-well this is one of them. Honestly, I would have kept this to myself except I was really upset by the situation.

My colleague and I were joking around and crawling on the floor(silly, I know but the context was funny though). This colleague of mine recorded a video of me from behind -without my consent. When I realized this, I asked this person to send the video to me and let’s just say I was not comfortable with that video of me being on anyone’s phone. I was really embarrassed by this (To be honest, I was not embarrassed by the video but I was embarrassed at the thought of other people seeing the video and having the video) so I asked the person not to send the video to other people, this colleague responded by informing me that they had sent it to two other colleagues, so if I didn’t ask ,I wouldn’t have known.

Althought I do not want to dive too deep into these situation, it brings me to something that I have always know and wondered. I consider myself an Omnivert because I can be really quiet or really outgoing. I have found it hard to really balance this all my life as these two sides of me do not agree most times. One minute, the extroverted side of me wants you to be my friend and for us to hang out, but the next minute the introverted side of me wants you to leave me alone and not talk to me. There’s rarely any middle ground here.

I am bringing this up to point out that I did not even want to go out and hang out with my colleagues on this day, but my extroverted self had already agreed. I could have backed out but my introverted self had cancelled over 5 times so we all(I mean all the sides of me ) agreed it was time I came through. There is more reason for this but as I mentioned, I don’t want to dive too deep into this. I would say this, even with this embarrassing event, I still consider this colleague and all my other colleagues to be really nice people and I still look forward to hanging out with them in the future, although I still have some reservations.

Mini update: It turns out I omited the ‘don’t’ when sending the message , so I sent ‘please send this to anyone’ instead of ‘please don’t send this to anyone’ but I believe my colleague had already sent it before then. I spoke to my colleague about it and they pointed it out to me. I apologized for the miscommucation and told the person that even though I said that, for the future just let me know before sending any videos of me to anyone, they apologised as well for sending out the video and…happily ever after.

Okay that’s it for this post. I want to know what you think of this post, mainly because it is personal , recent and I don’t think I have ever done a real life storytime on here before. Anyways, see you next week Wednesday!

Removing the built up dust from my blog

I had a plan of what to type up in this post, I wanted to catch up with you creatures and give an update on my life and why there has been no sign of life in my blog for over a month now. But I have just heard some news and I am not in the mood to do that anymore(okay I changed my mind a little later on).

I do want to say that I am thankful for the gift of love, I am happy I feel loved and I am happy I can share my love with people I love. So basically, Thank love and Thank God for love.

Anyways, I hope to come back and be consistent after this post. Surprisingly, I don’t feel bad or guilty for not posting all this while, like always, there’s always a reason why. The first being, it is my birthday month. I celebrated my birthday weeks ago but as long as it is July, It’s happy birthday to me.

On my birthday, I hung out with my amazing friend who got me pretty flowers. it made me feel really special and loved. I loved it and I love her even more. Anyways the point I was trying to make is that this year has been all round amazing for me, there is a Christian song that goes ‘what the Lord has done for me, I cannot tell it all’. And I honestly don’t know how or why I have been chosen to be blessed like this but God’s blessing in my life has honestly been so overwhelming. My cup runneth over!. Back to my point, on that day I was honestly not expecting anything, I really just wanted a chill day because having soo much good news is nice and all but then it becomes a little suspicious (Trauma, is that you?). So imagine my shock when my friend got me real flowers and my sisters sent me happy birthday currency, and I feel happy and at peace. Thank you Lord!

Oh another thing, I have a summer job. Now this one I cannot tell it all, so much good and ‘not good’ things have happened at the job that I feel conflicted but that’s a storytime for one day. All in all, I feel drained by the job.

Bottom line is I am back today and I hope to be back on your screen next week Wednesday. This place has been empty for a while, time to get rid of the dust!!

Uni De-stress|Solo Trip to Sheffield

I almost did not post this week and I’m shocked at my level of procrastination(not really). BUT I am currently typing and will be posting this in real-time, so little disclaimer-It will have little to no edits so readers discretion is advised.

Anyways welcome back to my YouTube channel, I’m back with another video(I can’t help myself). In today’s post, as the title reads I will be telling you how my Uni de-stress went. (Question for you: How do you de-stress?)

Every day, I learn new things about myself and one of the things I found out years ago is that I do not like stress, at all. It overwhelms me. So with the peak of the academic season coming to an end , I thought it was only right for me to de-stress.

Something I have always wanted to do is travel across borders internationally for purely relaxation and enjoyment purposes , I am thankful for my life and privileges so although I do not have the resources for that now, I will have it soon and will let you-my co-creatures- know about it. Instead for now, I decided to travel across borders domestically by going to *drumroll* Sheffield!(act surprised!)

My trip to Sheffield was quite nice, the journey was smooth and I had nothing to complain about. When I got there, I walked about for a bit before visiting the winter garden. To be fair, it wasn’t hard to find, it was literally just across the station. Although the garden was beautiful, I was quite underwhelmed. For some reason I thought it’d be quiet and peaceful but there was a cafe inside so quite a few people were talking. There were also children running around. So I ended up staying there for less than 5 minutes. Bear in mind this was about 9:30am in the morning.

Moving on from here, I saw really great architectural designs which I was very impressed by and even better, I saw the Japanese buffet restaurant that I was excited to eat from. Unfortunately, from their opening times displayed I realized they only opened in the evening and I had booked my return ticket 30 minutes after they open. So I made the choice to eat somewhere else.

After walking about for a bit, I purchased a Day bus ticket so that I could go round the city. For the bulk of my trip, I was on the bus and if I saw anything interesting , I would come down explore the area and the view and then get back on a bus and keep moving. Through this strategy, I coincidentally found myself at the Botanical garden. I was excited and shocked that I found it so I immediately got down from the bus.

I stayed there for a while, took some pictures and videos of the scenery and myself (#selfies). Then I sat on one of the chairs and reflected on how I felt at the moment. It was honestly so peaceful and therapeutic. Afterwards, I was really hungry so I went to a Chinese buffet restaurant but since I was solo they said I couldn’t get the buffet. So I had a three course meal instead which I would rate a strong 6/10. It was okay , just not okay enough.

Overall I had a swell time, I am happy I went alone and spent some quality time with myself in a new city, I am also happy I got to do something non-academic related. So Cheers to that!

In the future, I think I might make plans for activity in the place I’m going to. Mailny because I feel because I was going to the city to explore, I ended up walking around most of the time, but I think learning about the city and doing something fun as well will help my trip organisation and make it better. So I would rate this trip a strong 6/10. I’m manifesting more trips and better experiences for the future, by God’s grace.

That’s it for this post, see you in my next one!

Ongoing Blog Growth Tracker

Welcome to another random post, as usual. This post will be constantly updated, recording my blog milestone. This is for me lol. In other news, another win in the bag! Recorded 1000 blog visitors a couple weeks!

So here we go:





Spoilt Mango| So this is what forbidden fruit tastes like…

This was soo unexpected and random that I felt the need to write about it. To be fair, most of my posts are random so no surprise there.

So I bit into a really spoilt mango. I didn’t notice it was spoilt at first until I was half way in. I think what hurt me the most was that the mango was actually soo sweet. I can’t explain this kind of pain.

For clarity, this mango is not like the Mangoes in the Uk(which I don’t buy because they look soo big and fake), this is Nigerian mango, I mean if you like mango juice imagine it 10 times better but the actual fruit, that’s how all the mangoes I had tasted were, until this one ended the streak.

Here are some picture:

Okay that’s it for this post, See you in my next one!

Feeling lonely as an adult

At a point in my life, I struggled a lot to meet people I connected with. Don’t get me wrong, I met some amazing people that I still keep in contact with to this day. But I just didn’t see the relationship going further, I actually considered most of the people I would hang out with, at the time, as acquaintance . Anyways, I ended up being alone most of the time. At first, I was bothered by it , I really was… but as time went by, I started enjoying being alone , to the point where, even when I met people I connected with , I still wanted to be by myself because I enjoyed my company more. This newly discovered lifestyle ,inevitably affected my long distance friendships because all I really wanted was to be by myself. I enjoyed it too much. Along the line, I began to realized how disconnected I was from a lot of things and a lot of people that I knew and that is when the feeling of loneliness started to set in. Obviously there were there factors but this is just a highlight of my experience.

I was on reddit the other day and someone asked ‘What was the moment you realized you’re lonely?’. This reminded me of a point in my life where I not only realized I was lonely, but I truly felt lonely. So, it was interesting to see some of the answers on that post. This is the link . I could relate a lot to what some people said, some I found sad and some were actually funny.


When I was in a room full of people and felt like I was invisible. No one bothered to talk to me or even say hello.-Commenter A

Not related but shout to all the introverts out there!

When I recently went to a funeral and it was hands down the most fun social activity I’ve had in years.-Commenter B

This comment reminds me of some funeral parties in Nigeria They invite a DJ , bring food and drink and actually have a swell time while celebrating the life of someone old that has passed on.

Nobody I invited to my birthday party talked to me. They grouped up and talked to each other or my brother, and when I tried to start conversations I was quickly pushed out of them. This happened for 3 years in a row…-Commenter C

When I would go off the grid for days, sometimes weeks in a deep depression and no one seemed to notice…..no calls or texts. It was like I didn’t exist.-Commenter D

I don’t know. Just sometimes I don’t feel like I fit in with some groups of people. And when I look back I feel what I don’t know those people, I don’t know what they like, or what their favourite food are, or what they think of something. Don’t know if you understand. It feels like some kind of wall.-Commenter E

Honestly to round off, I think when people are going through certain situations in their life, they tend to think that they are the only ones going through it and no one else knows how it is to be in that situation. And that is true. You are not them, they are not you. Your loneliness is not the same, your situation may be similar but it is not the same so you can’t possibly know how it feels to be their shoes. The point I am trying to make is that we are all so similar yet different…and that you actually have no business wearing someone elses’ shoes-without consent.

Okay that’s it for this post, see you in the next one!

I stopped interacting with bloggers for two months

Over time, I have come to realize the importance of having mutuals and blog friends as a blogger. I noticed the impact on my blog especially in January when I decided to start engaging more with blogs I truly liked or am at least interested in.This skyrocketed my blog growth and interactions. I am still shocked by the impact. A clear example would be my views in January where I posted 6 times. Compared to my views in the whole of 2021 where I posted 11 times. I have over 700 views in the former and a little over 500 views in the latter. See?!

Views since March 2021 to January 2022

So I decided to not interact with any blog for a month to see the impact on my blog. Prior to this decision, I wasn’t interacting with many blogs, I think at most between 3-5 blogs. So in two months It was about 7 times or less, this included liking posts and replying to comments on my blog.

The impact of this on my blog is evident as now I am barely getting half of my January views. It’s quite interesting to see the decline over time.

Views since January
Visitors since January
Likes Since January

It is also key to note that there are other factors in play that could be causing this decline.

  1. I was posting on Wednesdays in January and Febuary but since then I have posted on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays on each month after that.
  2. I was scheduling my blogs 4 weeks before the actual post date so I don’t know if it gave off ‘not fresh’ vibes.
  3. I made alot of changes to my blog between the time period and some people did not like it.

Overall it was a pretty relaxing experience. I was able to blog consistently for months without actively being a blogger. I want to appreciate the people that interacted with my blog while I was gone-ish , It’s really amazing of you especially because you didn’t have to, but you did.

The moral of the experience here is that if views, visits and every other form of interaction is important to you, then I highly suggest interacting with other blogs and bloggers consistently. I will be giving an update when I post on Wednesdays again for a month, just to see if the days I posted on impacted anything.

Till then, see you in my next post.

Post Question: On average, how many times do you interact with other blogs/bloggers weekly?

To my 50+ Creators 💙

Today, as always, is a good day to celebrate. This post is dedicated to all my 55 fellow creators out there that have chosen to follow me. I truly appreciate it.

Other wins, I have enjoyed this week

  1. Eating too much
  2. Sleeping peacefully
  3. Planting and watching my seed grow beautifully
  4. Cooking and my food has been hitting
  5. Companionship and Laughter

I am thankful for all. Stay winning!!

The Young Shall Grow |Transition from Studenthood to Adulthood| Blog Changes

Hey Creatures,

A few weeks ago I celebrated the one year anniversary of my blog and some months from now I will be celebrating another year added to my life (By God’s Grace). I started this blog to remain accountable and to be consistent in something, I didn’t know how much I would fall in love with my hard work and the effort I put in. It has become an important part of my weekly routine and I think it’s especially odd because even with over 2000 views and soo many likes on this blog, I still think that I am the only person that reads my blog.

Long story short, as the blog grows, so do I and it’s time to change the name of this section from ‘Studenting‘ to ‘Adulting‘. The main reason why is because I am not going to be a student forever and this blog is ultimately about my journey so we move.

Thinkers Thoughts will be removed as a Category

I have also decided to remove the Thinkers Thoughts Category on my blog for now. I have thought long and hard about this. I started this section because I like watching and reading stuff just to review it for my blog, it also encouraged me to read more in general. But just like when I temporarily suspended it a couple months ago, the reason is the same. It’s too much work for me right now. I know that I can continue this category if I wanted to, but I choose not to , I would rather put the same time and effort into the other categories in my blog.

While convincing myself to keep it, my options were to

  1. Combine it with ‘Adulting’-Post with the schedule, which would be once in a while
  2. Make it a Sub Category under ‘Adulting’-Post once in a while, no obligation to post at all
  3. Leave it as it but never post again
  4. Remove it entirely

I decided to go with number 2 for now. So we’ll see how it goes.

Okay that’s all for this post, see you in my next one!

Post Question: What do you think is the average amount of categories/Sub categories a blog should have?

15 Sushi for £3.99

I used to hate sushi but now I really like it. So imagine my excitement when I go into Lidl to buy pastries, as always, and I see this huge pack of sushi for £3.99. This is about #2000 or $5. The foodie in me was dancing to the till with this in hand.

This had 5 different types of sushi inside and some had different looks. I tried to take a clear picture of each of the sushi in the box, but as you can see from the pictures below, there is a reason why I am not a professional photographer.

Now for the star of the show, so here’s the thing I can’t tell them apart, I don’t know which is which so I am going to refrain from reviewing them individually lol. Instead here’s an up close pic of everything from this pack.

Although I liked the sushi itself, the sauces were a bit off to me, especially the soy sauce. I know Soy sauce has a sour/salty taste to it but these? Too much. I really like these , that I bought then 4 times I think. Overall I rate it a strong 4/5 because of the price, the quantity, the quality and the overall packaging.

Okay, that’s it for this post! See you in my next one.