3 Best purchases I made in 2021

Hey Creatures!

As I have expressed may times on my blog, I don’t like spending my money on unnecessary things, in fact, I don’t like spending my money. Period. But when I do spend money , I try as much as possible to make sure it’s worth it.

Anyways last year , I bought many great things , but in this post I will be mentioning 3 of my best purchases I made in 2021. These items have been so helpful and I hope to use them for at least two more years. So let’s get into it.

My Phone Cases

I bought this off of Ali express for £3.99(including tax) which is about ₦2,252. When I first got them I got it in the white and pink colour(Left Pic). After using it for a while , I loved the case so much that I decided to get it in black and green(right pic). My phone has fallen multiple times but with this case I am well assured that my phone safe because of the design of this case. I LOVE IT.

My Hook Earphones

OOOHHH this one right here! Who remembers when I mentioned in my post last year on Wednesday wins about being gifted the left ear of hook earphones (Link to post). Well, I ended up getting my own and all I have to say is money well spent. I bought this off Amazon for £22.92 which is about ₦12,940. I carry this almost everywhere, super convenient. The case is also a charger for the earphones which has proven useful on multiple occasion . It also has a touch feature so I can change the song and volume without touching my phone. I LOVE IT.

My Water Bottle

If you have seen any of my Smoothie post on my blog, then you would have seen this particular water bottle.I bought it from a B&M store for £2 which is about ₦1,128. I have purchased bottles ranging from a 2 litre , 1 litre , 700ml to even 500ml but none has satisfied me like this 450ml bottle. I cannot explain why but I just love it.

To round up, I am really happy with these purchases. I honestly use them on a daily basis and I am happy with the price I paid for all of them.

Okay that’s it for this post, see you in my next one!

Phone Swap Movie Review| Nigerian Romantic Comedy.

Today I will be reviewing the amazing Nigerian movie called Phone Swap. Am I spoiling my spoiler review by telling you on the first line that it was an amazing watch? Yes , I am.

So let’s get into it

I watched this movie the other day and my friend is a living witness. I was actually laughing and grinning like a Cheshire cat. It was a really relaxing and entertaining watch.


Mary is clearly overwhelmed by work , her boss was taking credit for her designs , her neighbours remained nosy by constantly asking her when she was going to marry. Her father was calling her for conflict resolution in regards to her troublesome younger sister. Her younger sister, physically assaults her husband, in this particular case she had grabbed her husbands pen!s and squeezed it…aggressively. Hence , as the first born , Mary had to come and help beg the husband and his family member to forgive her. Around this time, Mary found that her boyfriend was married. Chaos.

Akin was an arrogant business man, he was trying to go behind his boss back to encourage a merger between departments that may cause a lot of his colleagues to loose their jobs. He was trying to also make his way up the ladder as well. He had a leach for a girlfriend and I think to an extent, he was actually done with their relationship. He had a loquacious assistant, who informed his mum of his daily movement. His mum, who has also been pressuring him to bring his girl friend home.

In addition to these two main Characters were others such as Mary’s family, Mary’s co-worker, Akin’s Mother ,his assistant as well as his co-workers. All these added to the comedic flair of the movie. Although I need to say that , the way Akin and Mary fell in love felt a bit rushed.

Favourite Scene

My favourite scene in this movie was Akin’s first time eating in Mary’s house. A lot of traditional Nigerian meals are eaten with our hands. However, Akin came from a ‘Westernised’ household where he is used to eating with Cutleries. Imagine eating Eba with fork and knife in a traditionally/culturally driven Nigerian household looool. Anyways, I found it funny because everyone was digging into the food with their hands and Akin was there asking for cutlery.

Rating: 4.5/5

I will definitely watch again.

Fruit Cocktail in Grape juice smoothie.

Hi Creatures!

Yes, another smoothie post. I’m guessing you didn’t try the last one. Good. it tasted terrible. If you’re new here, welcome!. I was talking about the Homemade Raspberries and Black Grapes Smoothie, I made last time.

Anyways back to the post…

I was looking forward to trying out a mango and black grape smoothie but I couldn’t find mangoes. Okay that’s a lie. I couldn’t find cheap mangoes. So I checked the canned goods section , hoping to find something(canned mangoes), and there it was…canned fruit cocktail , in grape juice. GRAPE. As, I mentioned in my previous post, Grape-well black grape- is my top 5 fruit. So I just had to buy it.


Okay this is the outcome of the blend.


I think this is a great color. Tbh the sun plays a role in adding to the beauty.


To be honest, I only took a sip out of it an ended up throwing everything away. It smelled soo bad, like it smelled like old, stale, musty fruit. I don’t know how to explain it(even though I just explained it lol). The ‘grape juice’ was absolutely not nice, was that even grape Juice? ugh. Even while blending it , I felt like throwing up(okay that was because of something else but still). Asides from the looks, I have nothing positive to say about this experience.

Rating: 0/5. Never again.

Hopefully the next one I try will be better.

My first ever Vision Board| The actual beginning

I remember seeing a tweet about how the best time to set New years resolution is in march because January and February are just test-run for the actual year. Although I prefer starting from Day 01 to a Day 61. I think I deserve a new beginning right now. So this is me saying Happy New year!!!! again

Starting of the year, I decided to make a vision board. I wanted to show the process of making it but I seem to have lost all the files except the actual vision board. I am just thankful I didn’t loose the actual vison board.

Anyways here are the results

The pictures are pretty self explanatory. I think I’m happy with how it looks . I’m thankful for life and I am super excited for the blessings this year will bring. What are your goals for this year?

That’s it for this post. See you next week!

Things in Europe I did not expect as an International student.

Before coming to Europe, I had visited a couple times when I was younger and I presumed I knew what to expect. However, here are some things I did not expect as an international student studying in Europe.

The very confusing-mostly cold-weather

Prior to me coming here , I had never used or found weather forecast useful. Back home, I believe we have raining season, dry season and Harmattan. Now here I am checking the weather prediction before leaving my room. The thing here is, just when you think it’s really cold, It gets colder. I was really surprised the day it was really cold outside, yet I could feel the heat of the sun. It is really odd.

It gets really dark fast in the winter

This was something that took me a while to get used to and I’m still not used to it. During the winter period , it gets dark very early. I’m talking by around 4pm the sun is no were to be found. This actually messed up by sleeping pattern because I started sleeping by like 6pm.

People smoke a lot

I think this one shocked me the most. Partly because there is a lot of stigma around smoking in the area I grew up in. So It took me aback because my teachers were smoking, my classmates were smoking, there are cigarette bins almost everywhere, there are smoking areas in a lot of institutions AND behind the smoking packet it says SMOKING KILLS.

A lot of homeless people

This is based on my stereotype of Europe though, I guess that is why I did not expect it. There is a certain way a lot of people from western countries talk about most African countries in regards to poverty and homelessness. So I had assumed these countries had no such thing. So I was pretty shocked when I saw a lot of homeless people here. I also think this might be due to the area I live in Europe, but the amount of homeless people I see on a daily basis is shocking.

People refer to Africa as a country

Throughout this post, I have intentionally referred to one country in Europe as Europe when I can. This was inspired by a lot of Europeans(I mean across the the continent not one country), that I have talked to, that refer to one country in Africa as Africa. I find it odd and in certain instances disrespectful. In many of the conversations I have had with Europeans , I have asked them questions about their country but they would somehow reply with a question asking me about Africa. Even though I have clearly stated I am Nigerian. Odd isn’t it?

Anyways that’s it for this post! See you next week!

People I want to thank for purchasing my blog Domain| Wins-day!

This is old news but I realized I never really celebrated this win on here.

For some weeks, I was thinking of ways to better my blog. With many ideas flowing and with soo many decisions to make. One thing I always wanted was to have a blog domain. Not because I want to be a ‘super’ blogger or seem more serious or anything like that. I just wanted to know how It would feel.

So I bought it. On the first day of the year, my blog changed from ebitimicreates.wordpress.com to ebitimicreates.com . How cool.

Awkward Season 2 GIF by Friends

I consider this a huge win and this is super amazing. So as a winner that I am, I am going to point out the wins that I am grateful for leading to the mother win.

God and myself– God because there are many valid reasons why I don’t need to continue blogging, there are many thoughts I could be having that will deter me from this path, but the light of God which shines through me has allowed me to continue this journey. I am proud of myself for being confident, consistent and willing to blog. I am proud of my blog , my blogging journey and my blog growth. Have I said I am proud of my self ?

Black Woman Smile GIF by HULU

My family-The opportunities my parents have given me is the reason why I have a laptop , I have access to a school that has computers , and I also have internet access to even think about blogging as a hobby. My siblings are God sent, I can’t imagine life without them, they are literally my support system. I am blessed to live a life I am happy with and I am also blessed that I have people that contribute to this happiness. The life I have been born into is a privilege that many do no have. For this, I am truly honored and grateful.


Obliviously there are other aspects of my life that I am grateful for but I am shouting out these people especially because of the financial role they play in my life. They are the reason why I am able to live life comfortably and at the same time spend money on a hobby by paying for a blog domain that I frankly do not need.

Thank you all with all my heart.

To round up, if you are getting an award soon and you need someone to write your speech for you . Please refer to my contact page. I will be charging a small fee. Enough to renew this membership next year because I just might be broke. It seems like buying blog domain is for the rich.

Kim Kardashian Birthday GIF

What are you grateful for so far into the year?

5 lessons I learned from The Tinder Swindler

Hey Creatures, (Okay this is a new thing. I want to start having a fixed intro but I’m not sure so I want to try a few posts and see if it’ll stick)

In today’s post, I will be giving my thoughts on The Tinder Swindler on Netflix and lessons I learned from this documentary.

Starting this off , I didn’t know what to expect. I actually thought it was a movie like a fun, relaxing, entertaining movie. Almost like the ‘YOU’ series on Netflix. I’ll tell you now, It was not. and I blame Simon for that.


A group of women who were the victims of a dating app based swindler join together in an attempt to hunt him down and recover the millions of dollars that were stolen from them.

My Opinion

First of all, let’s talk about Simon. He kept on telling these women that his ‘enemies’ were after him. How Ironic because now his enemies are after him-the women he scammed. Like honestly ,how can someone be this evil? How can someone live comfortably off of people’s money, that they stole?!

These women were ultimately victims in this situation. However, I cannot imagine my self ever being in this situation because of my relationship with money. This documentary was literally an eye opener for me. It taught me some things about life and confirmed some of my ideologies as well.

So let’s get into it

1. Do not lend out money you cannot do without

I am honestly surprised that people don’t follow this ‘rule’ in the first place. If I have £1000 and someone asked me for £900. I cannot lend you that money because if you can’t pay it back, I will be stranded. So it really surprised me that Perlina was willing to lend Simon 30,000 dollars that she was supposed to use to buy an apartment. Even though she could afford to give him the money at the time, clearly she couldn’t do without it if she has a GoFundMe open with the other girls he scammed.

Bottom line: If you can’t do without it ,don’t do without it.

2. Research everyone to the best of your abilities.

I have had this done to me before but I just thought it was odd. After watching this documentary I realize how important this is. Before meeting someone you meet online, research them. This obviously didn’t work in this case because he had changed his name and edited pictures to back up his lies and fake Identity. But, I still think this is important because it might save you from your very own swindler and it’s just a great idea to me.

3. Never leave a conversation with the other person knowing more about you than you do them

This is something I am currently working on because I talk ALOT. Granted that most of the information I tell people about myself are general information. However, I realise how easy it is for someone to learn about me and possibly manipulate me along the line. Also, I think talking less in a conversation will improve my listening skills and make me ask more meaningful questions.

4. Always get your friends involved at some point in your romantic life

Obviously you do not need to take advise from anyone on what is best for your relationship but you should at least have someone to confide in , in situations like this. It could be your mum, pastor or even your therapist, if not your friends. My point here is , it is good to hear out opinions from people around you that genuinely want the best for you. Even hearing opinions from people that don’t like you can be helpful too. Just listen because everyone cannot be talking shit.

5. Do not take out a Loan for anyone

Why Would You Do That Ross Geller GIF

Please do not take out a loan or in the case of Cecilie-9 different loans- for anyone. You know what? Love is blind so let’s say you take a loan out for someone. Make them pay it back before taking out another. Simon was able to forge documents making it seem like he had sent the money so this was part of the ‘scammery’ that Simon did. So I get it. Now here’s why I cannot imagine myself in this situation. The first point I mentioned, I cannot give you what I do not have. Second point, if I don’t have it someone else will and that’s not me.

Okay that’s it for today.

Rating: 4/5

if you haven’t watched The Tinder Swindler, I highly recommend it. If you have, feel free to share your thoughts!

Bye Creatures!

Stir fried Spaghetti with grilled Salmon

If it isn’t obvious already , I love spaghetti… and fish. Exhibit A, my first food post ever was on Stir fry spaghetti with White fish. Exhibit B, this is my second post on spaghetti AND fish. Exhibit C, you just have to trust my words on your screen.

So yeah this was another quick easy student Dinner. I would say I took around 1 hour(60 mins) to make this-but hear me out. I’m really slow in the kitchen and when I was making this , I was on a call so I was somewhat distracted.

These were the Ingredients I used

  • Spaghetti
  • Salmon Fillet
  • Mixed Vegetable
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Oregano
  • Salt
  • Curry
  • Black Pepper
  • Chili Pepper

I took the less is more approach by using 5 seasoning in this. One of the reason is because if I use too many seasoning then I would have to worry about balancing the taste. So I just threw in some spices that I know I would like and that way I don’t spend that much time on seasoning the food.


I know, I know. The fish looks a little burnt , like I said I was on a call so I was somewhat distracted. Nevertheless, It really did taste nice, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Beauty is also in the eye of the beholder and my eyes are telling me that this looks great!


Dealing with lack of Motivation at University| Short rant and poem

I have been struggling with my productivity and my motivation lately. I wanted to start off this year being super driven and working towards certain goals and although I am currently doing working towards my goals, I have just had to constantly push myself to do them. This is affecting my overall work rate and productivity which is making me more demotivated.

My motivation to do anything right now is playing hide and seek, the problem is, I just can’t find it. If you remember , in my first post , I talked about Procrastination and Laziness and sort of understanding the difference and how it relates to me(I am so thankful that my posts are useful to me even months after I post them). Right now, I find myself at a place where my lack of motivation is making me procrastinate , which is also making me act Lazy.

So right now I feel motivated to right a poem(how odd) , to sort of break down my feelings if that makes sense. Disclaimer , if this turns out to be horrible, remember I am not a poet and besides you’re the only one that cares what you think. HOWEVER, if it turns out great then I am a poet, soon to be on the best seller list. Anyways, here we go.

Title: None

where are you?!

the echo’s of a voice

a saddening crack mid-sentence

To see or not to see?

the mind has chosen

not to see

the heart and body say otherwise.

Hmm Picasso, I like it.

To round up, I am honestly looking forward to looking back at this moment and this post and be proud of my self for pushing in these times and I pray God continues to lead me up my path of greatness!!.

I just want to leave this bible verse from Proverbs 3:5-6. It says Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

My practical advice for foreign students living in a shared accommodation.

Following my previous post where I gave advice on things to consider when searching for an accommodation as a student. Today , I am going to narrow it down to my practical advice for foreign students living in shared accommodation . Although, this post is directed to foreign students, it is still applicable to all students.

Shared accommodations are properties where renters share specific spaces in the property. Typically these spaces include the living area(sitting room), the kitchen and/or the bathroom.

Living in a shared accommodation is a unique experience. It can be either be good , bad or just in the middle. This living experience is much more different from others because someone’s actions can impose greatly on your comfort, privacy and saftey at home. So here are some tips.

Clean after yourself

photo GIF

It is important that the shared spaces you use-toilet or kitchen, is left as clean as possible or at least, as clean as you found it. Some common advice people give is to leave the space as clean as you want to meet it next time. Although I agree , I don’t necessary encourage others to depend on that. People are different , some people are comfortable with a certain level of messy and dirt that you may not be accustomed to.

disgusted jennifer lawrence GIF

If you clean the toilet really well on a weekly basis, not everyone will consider your effort and maintain the space like you. That means it is really unlikely for you to meet these spaces in the quality that you have left it in, whether good or bad. So I suggest you leave spaces as clean as possible or at least, as clean as you found it. My rule is you do just enough but not too much. Do not break your back .

Speak up

Speak Up Ted Talk GIF by Luvvie Ajayi Jones

In a shared accommodation, some people might leave their unwashed dishes in the sink , or not flush the toilet after they’re done using it. Some people might leave tooth paste stains on the sink , you might even find pee stains on the toilet seat and some on the floor.There is an endless list of things that other people will do that can make you uncomfortable. It is important that if other students actions in the accommodation is breaking the rule or encroaching on your comfort you should speak up about it. You can do this by approaching them when you see them and addressing them in a calm and respectable manner. You can post this on the group chat for everyone to be aware of it and you can also talk to the your accommodation provider as well.

season 9 meeting GIF

When I shared a flat with six people, we were called for a meeting because someone complained of the smell of weed in the flat. The accommodation provider addressed us about it and followed up on it. The smell gave him headaches which was why he had to report. Since then, there was no smell of weed in the flat . Bottom line , speak up.

Be Cordial

Amazon Hello GIF by Four More Shots Please

Whether you like your co-sharers or not, I encourage you to have a cordial relationship with them. This is nothing major. For me, anytime I see any of my flatmates we always exchange greetings. These greetings of ‘Hello’s and ‘Hi’s are the only conversations we have. I also know people that share kitchen and their relationship with their flatmates include borrowing food stuffs and tasting each others food e.t.c.

It really depends on you as a person and the level of relationship you’re willing to build with you co-sharer. I think what is important is that you are living in a space where you have peace and you’re comfortable.

Ultimately, your experience sharing public spaces with people is up to you. You will not be able to control people and certain behaviors they have, but you will be able to control how you react . You will also have to decide on the best solution possible to make sure you are comfortable. So please keep this in mind.

Did I miss anything? drop your thoughts and advice in the comment below!