Do NOT record and send videos of me to other people without my consent.

Remember my last post , where I mentioned that some good and not good things have happened to me-well this is one of them. Honestly, I would have kept this to myself except I was really upset by the situation.

My colleague and I were joking around and crawling on the floor(silly, I know but the context was funny though). This colleague of mine recorded a video of me from behind -without my consent. When I realized this, I asked this person to send the video to me and let’s just say I was not comfortable with that video of me being on anyone’s phone. I was really embarrassed by this (To be honest, I was not embarrassed by the video but I was embarrassed at the thought of other people seeing the video and having the video) so I asked the person not to send the video to other people, this colleague responded by informing me that they had sent it to two other colleagues, so if I didn’t ask ,I wouldn’t have known.

Althought I do not want to dive too deep into these situation, it brings me to something that I have always know and wondered. I consider myself an Omnivert because I can be really quiet or really outgoing. I have found it hard to really balance this all my life as these two sides of me do not agree most times. One minute, the extroverted side of me wants you to be my friend and for us to hang out, but the next minute the introverted side of me wants you to leave me alone and not talk to me. There’s rarely any middle ground here.

I am bringing this up to point out that I did not even want to go out and hang out with my colleagues on this day, but my extroverted self had already agreed. I could have backed out but my introverted self had cancelled over 5 times so we all(I mean all the sides of me ) agreed it was time I came through. There is more reason for this but as I mentioned, I don’t want to dive too deep into this. I would say this, even with this embarrassing event, I still consider this colleague and all my other colleagues to be really nice people and I still look forward to hanging out with them in the future, although I still have some reservations.

Mini update: It turns out I omited the ‘don’t’ when sending the message , so I sent ‘please send this to anyone’ instead of ‘please don’t send this to anyone’ but I believe my colleague had already sent it before then. I spoke to my colleague about it and they pointed it out to me. I apologized for the miscommucation and told the person that even though I said that, for the future just let me know before sending any videos of me to anyone, they apologised as well for sending out the video and…happily ever after.

Okay that’s it for this post. I want to know what you think of this post, mainly because it is personal , recent and I don’t think I have ever done a real life storytime on here before. Anyways, see you next week Wednesday!

Uni De-stress|Solo Trip to Sheffield

I almost did not post this week and I’m shocked at my level of procrastination(not really). BUT I am currently typing and will be posting this in real-time, so little disclaimer-It will have little to no edits so readers discretion is advised.

Anyways welcome back to my YouTube channel, I’m back with another video(I can’t help myself). In today’s post, as the title reads I will be telling you how my Uni de-stress went. (Question for you: How do you de-stress?)

Every day, I learn new things about myself and one of the things I found out years ago is that I do not like stress, at all. It overwhelms me. So with the peak of the academic season coming to an end , I thought it was only right for me to de-stress.

Something I have always wanted to do is travel across borders internationally for purely relaxation and enjoyment purposes , I am thankful for my life and privileges so although I do not have the resources for that now, I will have it soon and will let you-my co-creatures- know about it. Instead for now, I decided to travel across borders domestically by going to *drumroll* Sheffield!(act surprised!)

My trip to Sheffield was quite nice, the journey was smooth and I had nothing to complain about. When I got there, I walked about for a bit before visiting the winter garden. To be fair, it wasn’t hard to find, it was literally just across the station. Although the garden was beautiful, I was quite underwhelmed. For some reason I thought it’d be quiet and peaceful but there was a cafe inside so quite a few people were talking. There were also children running around. So I ended up staying there for less than 5 minutes. Bear in mind this was about 9:30am in the morning.

Moving on from here, I saw really great architectural designs which I was very impressed by and even better, I saw the Japanese buffet restaurant that I was excited to eat from. Unfortunately, from their opening times displayed I realized they only opened in the evening and I had booked my return ticket 30 minutes after they open. So I made the choice to eat somewhere else.

After walking about for a bit, I purchased a Day bus ticket so that I could go round the city. For the bulk of my trip, I was on the bus and if I saw anything interesting , I would come down explore the area and the view and then get back on a bus and keep moving. Through this strategy, I coincidentally found myself at the Botanical garden. I was excited and shocked that I found it so I immediately got down from the bus.

I stayed there for a while, took some pictures and videos of the scenery and myself (#selfies). Then I sat on one of the chairs and reflected on how I felt at the moment. It was honestly so peaceful and therapeutic. Afterwards, I was really hungry so I went to a Chinese buffet restaurant but since I was solo they said I couldn’t get the buffet. So I had a three course meal instead which I would rate a strong 6/10. It was okay , just not okay enough.

Overall I had a swell time, I am happy I went alone and spent some quality time with myself in a new city, I am also happy I got to do something non-academic related. So Cheers to that!

In the future, I think I might make plans for activity in the place I’m going to. Mailny because I feel because I was going to the city to explore, I ended up walking around most of the time, but I think learning about the city and doing something fun as well will help my trip organisation and make it better. So I would rate this trip a strong 6/10. I’m manifesting more trips and better experiences for the future, by God’s grace.

That’s it for this post, see you in my next one!

Feeling lonely as an adult

At a point in my life, I struggled a lot to meet people I connected with. Don’t get me wrong, I met some amazing people that I still keep in contact with to this day. But I just didn’t see the relationship going further, I actually considered most of the people I would hang out with, at the time, as acquaintance . Anyways, I ended up being alone most of the time. At first, I was bothered by it , I really was… but as time went by, I started enjoying being alone , to the point where, even when I met people I connected with , I still wanted to be by myself because I enjoyed my company more. This newly discovered lifestyle ,inevitably affected my long distance friendships because all I really wanted was to be by myself. I enjoyed it too much. Along the line, I began to realized how disconnected I was from a lot of things and a lot of people that I knew and that is when the feeling of loneliness started to set in. Obviously there were there factors but this is just a highlight of my experience.

I was on reddit the other day and someone asked ‘What was the moment you realized you’re lonely?’. This reminded me of a point in my life where I not only realized I was lonely, but I truly felt lonely. So, it was interesting to see some of the answers on that post. This is the link . I could relate a lot to what some people said, some I found sad and some were actually funny.


When I was in a room full of people and felt like I was invisible. No one bothered to talk to me or even say hello.-Commenter A

Not related but shout to all the introverts out there!

When I recently went to a funeral and it was hands down the most fun social activity I’ve had in years.-Commenter B

This comment reminds me of some funeral parties in Nigeria They invite a DJ , bring food and drink and actually have a swell time while celebrating the life of someone old that has passed on.

Nobody I invited to my birthday party talked to me. They grouped up and talked to each other or my brother, and when I tried to start conversations I was quickly pushed out of them. This happened for 3 years in a row…-Commenter C

When I would go off the grid for days, sometimes weeks in a deep depression and no one seemed to notice… calls or texts. It was like I didn’t exist.-Commenter D

I don’t know. Just sometimes I don’t feel like I fit in with some groups of people. And when I look back I feel what I don’t know those people, I don’t know what they like, or what their favourite food are, or what they think of something. Don’t know if you understand. It feels like some kind of wall.-Commenter E

Honestly to round off, I think when people are going through certain situations in their life, they tend to think that they are the only ones going through it and no one else knows how it is to be in that situation. And that is true. You are not them, they are not you. Your loneliness is not the same, your situation may be similar but it is not the same so you can’t possibly know how it feels to be their shoes. The point I am trying to make is that we are all so similar yet different…and that you actually have no business wearing someone elses’ shoes-without consent.

Okay that’s it for this post, see you in the next one!

The Young Shall Grow |Transition from Studenthood to Adulthood| Blog Changes

Hey Creatures,

A few weeks ago I celebrated the one year anniversary of my blog and some months from now I will be celebrating another year added to my life (By God’s Grace). I started this blog to remain accountable and to be consistent in something, I didn’t know how much I would fall in love with my hard work and the effort I put in. It has become an important part of my weekly routine and I think it’s especially odd because even with over 2000 views and soo many likes on this blog, I still think that I am the only person that reads my blog.

Long story short, as the blog grows, so do I and it’s time to change the name of this section from ‘Studenting‘ to ‘Adulting‘. The main reason why is because I am not going to be a student forever and this blog is ultimately about my journey so we move.

Thinkers Thoughts will be removed as a Category

I have also decided to remove the Thinkers Thoughts Category on my blog for now. I have thought long and hard about this. I started this section because I like watching and reading stuff just to review it for my blog, it also encouraged me to read more in general. But just like when I temporarily suspended it a couple months ago, the reason is the same. It’s too much work for me right now. I know that I can continue this category if I wanted to, but I choose not to , I would rather put the same time and effort into the other categories in my blog.

While convincing myself to keep it, my options were to

  1. Combine it with ‘Adulting’-Post with the schedule, which would be once in a while
  2. Make it a Sub Category under ‘Adulting’-Post once in a while, no obligation to post at all
  3. Leave it as it but never post again
  4. Remove it entirely

I decided to go with number 2 for now. So we’ll see how it goes.

Okay that’s all for this post, see you in my next one!

Post Question: What do you think is the average amount of categories/Sub categories a blog should have?

The Free Deadline Planner that you need

Hey creatures,

I have officially become the person for the people…on the internet. Okay dramatic much. I just mean I am going to be sharing my deadline planner to people on the internet. I am a huge procrastinator so I designed this template because it allows me to do the bare minimum and still get work done without rushing or feeling guilty of not doing it on time.

So if you’re interested in using it, you can just click the link below to download it.

Deadline Planner Template One

Deadline Planner Template Two

Solving student Problems on Reddit

Hey Creatures!

Today’s post is all about student problems. I thought it would be a great Idea to source out student problems on Reddit and solve them on my blog. I’ll be giving advice based on personal experience , as always. So let’s get into it.

How do I catch up at Uni?

I think a great way to deal with this is by creating a to-do list for the week. Pick two days in week and a non-negotiable time period to focus on school work. Try to get through two topics per week so you can catch up on past work. You will have to do this while staying up to date with your current school work so you don’t fall behind.

Look for summaries on all the topics/work online from your subject. On YouTube there are a lot of educational videos on there that summarize or give detailed lectures on topics , so start there. It’ll give you a quicker understanding of what you missed and some topics on your syllabus. To increase your engagement just ask questions. If you’re as behind as you say you are, then you probably have a lot of questions.

‘I have no motivation to do anything’

I was literally here a couple weeks ago. I even posted about it (Dealing with lack of Motivation| Short rant…). Feeling this way every now and again is normal. I would advice you to talk to your personal tutor(if you have one at your college or university) and see if there are any student resources in your University that may help. Such as Counselling, Mental health support, academic writing e.t.c. Also, to avoid missing classes, I suggest you go to school or Library in the morning and don’t return home until your classes are finished for the day or till you’ve done something academically productive. I struggle with this as well, but I find that going to the campus helps me to be more productive and not miss classes. Also, If you have any friends on your course, maybe studying and doing your assignment at the same time will help you remain accountable. Demotivation, I believe is a more mental than physical. So I feel you need to inform you university advice team to get help. Good luck!

‘Take rough notes or thorough notes?’

As someone that prefers paper , I always do rough notes because all the lecture resources are available online to look at after the class. I know Lecturers recommend you look through your notes after the class. I think it has to do with prolonging your memory on the topic or something like that… but this is completely up to you.

Side Bar: Is it just me but I can’t take detailed notes and pay full attention in class? I feel I will miss out on too much because the Lecturer would have rambled on while I’ll be stuck on one sentence he said 10 mins ago.

‘Someone help me with my Housemates’

My advice to approaching them is to write out everything you want to say to them and how you feel about the whole situation or you could make a voice recording of what you want to say-just like this post you have made but just write it ,directing it to them. Then send it to them. I highly recommend taking pictures of the mess and messaging them individually or on a group chat/ Just to make sure you have proof that you have talked to them about this.

Wait it out for about two weeks to see the outcome. If nothing happens then inform your accommodation provider and send your evidence to them so they can sort it out. You can also see other accommodation advice here (My practical advice for foreign students living in a shared accommodation)

‘How do I start my university assignment that I’ve been putting off for three years?’

If you’re struggling to write, Don’t. There are other alternatives. You can record yourself talking about it and transcribe it . Make a video recording and type it out. Finish the essay in whatever format is easier for you and type it out or dictate it to get written down on Microsoft Doc.

You can finish a 4000 word essay in 2 weeks, if you keep calm and get about 400 words down a day. If you can, find a study buddy, someone with a deadline they’re working towards. They’re a lot of people with deadlines and Uni. Set up a Study Date, hopefully this will motivate you.

Side Bar: I remember writing in one of my posts about how, some universities don’t take into account many different assessment styles that suits students and I hope to see a change soon(University Deadlines are approaching).

Okay that’s it for today.

If you are a student of any capacity, this is your time to shine and share your most problematic student experience.

Things in Europe I did not expect as an International student.

Before coming to Europe, I had visited a couple times when I was younger and I presumed I knew what to expect. However, here are some things I did not expect as an international student studying in Europe.

The very confusing-mostly cold-weather

Prior to me coming here , I had never used or found weather forecast useful. Back home, I believe we have raining season, dry season and Harmattan. Now here I am checking the weather prediction before leaving my room. The thing here is, just when you think it’s really cold, It gets colder. I was really surprised the day it was really cold outside, yet I could feel the heat of the sun. It is really odd.

It gets really dark fast in the winter

This was something that took me a while to get used to and I’m still not used to it. During the winter period , it gets dark very early. I’m talking by around 4pm the sun is no were to be found. This actually messed up by sleeping pattern because I started sleeping by like 6pm.

People smoke a lot

I think this one shocked me the most. Partly because there is a lot of stigma around smoking in the area I grew up in. So It took me aback because my teachers were smoking, my classmates were smoking, there are cigarette bins almost everywhere, there are smoking areas in a lot of institutions AND behind the smoking packet it says SMOKING KILLS.

A lot of homeless people

This is based on my stereotype of Europe though, I guess that is why I did not expect it. There is a certain way a lot of people from western countries talk about most African countries in regards to poverty and homelessness. So I had assumed these countries had no such thing. So I was pretty shocked when I saw a lot of homeless people here. I also think this might be due to the area I live in Europe, but the amount of homeless people I see on a daily basis is shocking.

People refer to Africa as a country

Throughout this post, I have intentionally referred to one country in Europe as Europe when I can. This was inspired by a lot of Europeans(I mean across the the continent not one country), that I have talked to, that refer to one country in Africa as Africa. I find it odd and in certain instances disrespectful. In many of the conversations I have had with Europeans , I have asked them questions about their country but they would somehow reply with a question asking me about Africa. Even though I have clearly stated I am Nigerian. Odd isn’t it?

Anyways that’s it for this post! See you next week!

Dealing with lack of Motivation at University| Short rant and poem

I have been struggling with my productivity and my motivation lately. I wanted to start off this year being super driven and working towards certain goals and although I am currently doing working towards my goals, I have just had to constantly push myself to do them. This is affecting my overall work rate and productivity which is making me more demotivated.

My motivation to do anything right now is playing hide and seek, the problem is, I just can’t find it. If you remember , in my first post , I talked about Procrastination and Laziness and sort of understanding the difference and how it relates to me(I am so thankful that my posts are useful to me even months after I post them). Right now, I find myself at a place where my lack of motivation is making me procrastinate , which is also making me act Lazy.

So right now I feel motivated to right a poem(how odd) , to sort of break down my feelings if that makes sense. Disclaimer , if this turns out to be horrible, remember I am not a poet and besides you’re the only one that cares what you think. HOWEVER, if it turns out great then I am a poet, soon to be on the best seller list. Anyways, here we go.

Title: None

where are you?!

the echo’s of a voice

a saddening crack mid-sentence

To see or not to see?

the mind has chosen

not to see

the heart and body say otherwise.

Hmm Picasso, I like it.

To round up, I am honestly looking forward to looking back at this moment and this post and be proud of my self for pushing in these times and I pray God continues to lead me up my path of greatness!!.

I just want to leave this bible verse from Proverbs 3:5-6. It says Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

My practical advice for foreign students living in a shared accommodation.

Following my previous post where I gave advice on things to consider when searching for an accommodation as a student. Today , I am going to narrow it down to my practical advice for foreign students living in shared accommodation . Although, this post is directed to foreign students, it is still applicable to all students.

Shared accommodations are properties where renters share specific spaces in the property. Typically these spaces include the living area(sitting room), the kitchen and/or the bathroom.

Living in a shared accommodation is a unique experience. It can be either be good , bad or just in the middle. This living experience is much more different from others because someone’s actions can impose greatly on your comfort, privacy and saftey at home. So here are some tips.

Clean after yourself

photo GIF

It is important that the shared spaces you use-toilet or kitchen, is left as clean as possible or at least, as clean as you found it. Some common advice people give is to leave the space as clean as you want to meet it next time. Although I agree , I don’t necessary encourage others to depend on that. People are different , some people are comfortable with a certain level of messy and dirt that you may not be accustomed to.

disgusted jennifer lawrence GIF

If you clean the toilet really well on a weekly basis, not everyone will consider your effort and maintain the space like you. That means it is really unlikely for you to meet these spaces in the quality that you have left it in, whether good or bad. So I suggest you leave spaces as clean as possible or at least, as clean as you found it. My rule is you do just enough but not too much. Do not break your back .

Speak up

Speak Up Ted Talk GIF by Luvvie Ajayi Jones

In a shared accommodation, some people might leave their unwashed dishes in the sink , or not flush the toilet after they’re done using it. Some people might leave tooth paste stains on the sink , you might even find pee stains on the toilet seat and some on the floor.There is an endless list of things that other people will do that can make you uncomfortable. It is important that if other students actions in the accommodation is breaking the rule or encroaching on your comfort you should speak up about it. You can do this by approaching them when you see them and addressing them in a calm and respectable manner. You can post this on the group chat for everyone to be aware of it and you can also talk to the your accommodation provider as well.

season 9 meeting GIF

When I shared a flat with six people, we were called for a meeting because someone complained of the smell of weed in the flat. The accommodation provider addressed us about it and followed up on it. The smell gave him headaches which was why he had to report. Since then, there was no smell of weed in the flat . Bottom line , speak up.

Be Cordial

Amazon Hello GIF by Four More Shots Please

Whether you like your co-sharers or not, I encourage you to have a cordial relationship with them. This is nothing major. For me, anytime I see any of my flatmates we always exchange greetings. These greetings of ‘Hello’s and ‘Hi’s are the only conversations we have. I also know people that share kitchen and their relationship with their flatmates include borrowing food stuffs and tasting each others food e.t.c.

It really depends on you as a person and the level of relationship you’re willing to build with you co-sharer. I think what is important is that you are living in a space where you have peace and you’re comfortable.

Ultimately, your experience sharing public spaces with people is up to you. You will not be able to control people and certain behaviors they have, but you will be able to control how you react . You will also have to decide on the best solution possible to make sure you are comfortable. So please keep this in mind.

Did I miss anything? drop your thoughts and advice in the comment below!

Accommodation Advice for University students and International students.

Searching for the right accommodation , I would say, is one of the most important decisions students can make for their future and University experience . I have lived in my fair share of student accommodations in the UK, so I can attest to this. So far, I have three main advice to give. Take it or leave it , your choice.

1. Choose based on your personality and Lifestyle

Bad Neighbor Cinema GIF by Nordisk Film - Vi elsker film
You don’t want to be this person

This should be an obvious advice. If you like your space and privacy, consider getting a studio or a one bedroom apartment. Also consider this if you want to meet new people but at the same time like your space and privacy, you can meet new people at societies, clubs and other social events. If you don’t like strangers, considers living with friends and family. If you like people and want to constantly engage with people, consider living in a shared flat or a shared house. For international students, this is especially important, because depending on how easily you integrate with University life, you might spend a lot of time in your room.

2. Choose based on your travel preference and Priorities

walking exercise GIF by Xyngular

This one is important because it affects your daily living expenses. If you have a car, then asides from parking fees, you’re good. However, for the people that their car is their legs, this is important. If you live far from the Grocery stores and shopping center, you may have to walk far or take public transports -which is not free. You may end up ordering in more or over-buying due to long distance of basic amenities, which is not necessarily a bad thing until your food start spoiling and you have to throw them out and buy more. Just me?. okay . From personal experience, I went from being neighbors to one of the cheapest groceries stores in the UK , to being neighbors to fast food restaurants, as a result I started buying more fast-food because I could not be bothered to walk all the way to the closest grocery story that was much more expensive that my affordable grocery store. Although I did walk there to get get fruits for my Homemade Raspberry and Grape smoothie, view here. Anyways, consider prioritizing, would you rather be close to the university or the city center, would you prefer to live close to grocery stores or Fast food restaurants? Are you willing to take transports to school ? Think about that.

3. Choose at the beginning of the Academic year

rachel cruze whatever GIF by Ramsey Solutions

I mean, start looking for accommodation for the next year at the beginning of the current academic year. This gives you ample amount of time to make a decision and even change your mind. A lot of students make the mistake of waiting till it’s too late and they have to settle. Another suggestion ,although risky, is that you can also target the accommodation you like towards of the beginning of current the academic year. Some accommodations tend to reduce the price because University is starting and they are trying to increase their booking. So if you book close to the resumption dates, the prices might be lower. From experience, I paid £139/week for a £159/week place because they reduced the price when the academic year was starting.

Those are the main three advice I can think of now. I am aware that affordability plays a key role in everything but you still have to make sure you are happy to go back to your accommodation at the end of the day’s work.

Name Change?

As expected, with a roller coaster of a mind like mine, I have ended up here. Here, meaning a myriad of things that I am yet to grasp.

Hi!, welcome back to my blog.

So today’s post, just like last week is a bit different. I am contemplating changing the name of the blog aka Ebitimi Creates and also the Ebitimi Taste category.

I am self-aware enough to say that I enjoy the whole self-branding going. You know, Ebitimi Creates, Ebitimi Taste and that the only reason the other section is called Wednesday wins, is because of the double W going on, if not it would have been Ebitimi Wins.

Yes , this is in fact Ebitimi’s blog, just in case you couldn’t tell.

This is exactly why I think this baby blog is due for a name change. I have some ideas mostly revolving around me, my blog and I . eg. Iblog, MyblogandI , thebloggerinme e.t.c

There are others but I’m actually too tired to keep going. I currently don’t have anything planned for today but I am trying to be consistent, so I want to at least post something.

Good Night!


Time is so precious , why does it fly?


I’ll be honest, first year of University was a breeze for me.

Don’t get me wrong ,It was hard…when I was in first year. People would always talk about how hard University was, so I felt I could get used to the level of hardness that first year was handing to me. Now I realize first year wasn’t hard at all , so me thinking it was hard actually meant that I was a struggling student.

Therefore , we can conclude that I have single-handedly deceived myself. A fool,I was.

I am in my second year now…actually about to finish it and the student in me is tired. I don’t want to leave University but it seems University wants to leave me. Of course, I can not tell this to my Nigerian parents or this would be the last you hear from me…in life. So hear I am telling the internet…love that for me.

The Office No GIF

To add to this , the Job market is a Jungle. Survival of the fittest indeed. When I mean fittest , I really don’t know if i’m fit for the amount of rejection I’ve been getting. I am interested in doing a placement to gain experience in the Job market before I graduate. Thankfully , I have gained some prior experience but it seems there’s soo much more than experience needed. I will make a separate post about this, because we need to actually talk about how your degree might not be enough and your experiences might not be relevant.

Bottom line, I have not been invited for an interview after over 60 applications. Although demotivating , I don’t doubt my skills or my qualifications because I am confident in my self and the amazing qualities I can add to my working environment(I don’t mean to be full of myself or anything but I really am). However, I am becoming more aware of factors that may be contributing to my lack of success. For example my name. I have seen some articulates and leaked emails that reveal recruiters refusing to consider applications from people because of the complexity or unfamiliarity of their name. Hence they might pick names like Laura , Alex , Liam over Ebitimi. This makes me extremely anxious. I really hope this is not happening to me.

Scared Stress GIF by Paramount Network

So look at my situation. While someone out there is worried about having no experience , here I am worried about my name being an issue in spite of my experience. Anyways wish me luck!

happy demi lovato GIF

That’s really all for me today. I came to complain about University and employment because the school is not schooling and the job market is not buying the skills and experiences I have to sell.

Wish me luck y’all and if you have any tips you think might be helpful to me, don’t hesitate to message me .

I am manifesting a placement interview invite before the end of the week!

Update(end of the week): No placement interview. Maybe next week?

Meme Reaction GIF by MOODMAN