The Free Deadline Planner that you need

Hey creatures,

I have officially become the person for the people…on the internet. Okay dramatic much. I just mean I am going to be sharing my deadline planner to people on the internet. I am a huge procrastinator so I designed this template because it allows me to do the bare minimum and still get work done without rushing or feeling guilty of not doing it on time.

So if you’re interested in using it, you can just click the link below to download it.

Deadline Planner Template One

Deadline Planner Template Two

University Deadlines are approaching:So help me God|Studenting

When I first entered University, I was a bit disappointed in myself when a deadline was approaching and I was not even halfway done with the work. After speaking to many other students about my struggles, I felt a strange sense of peace knowing I wasn’t the only one is this predicament. I was really really ecstatic about it.

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Coming from a country with a unique and ‘difficult’ educational system,I would study to pass not to understand. So It was strange for me to adjust to a system where my success in the assessments was based on my level of understanding.

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This was me at some point.

This brings me to today’s topic. My deadlines are approaching and I feel anxious about it. One thing I have come to realize being in university is that I actually dislike the uncertainty that comes with writing essays.

Imagine writing a 2000 word essay only to find out that your understanding of the question and the answer the teacher was expecting were totally different…so you end up failing.

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it’s funny but it’s not.

So I have an idea .

I want to carry out a research, asking students if they prefer essays or exams or course work and why. I think this would be a great idea because *cue flashback*

I felt a strange sense of peace knowing I wasn’t the only one is this predicament. – Ebitimi Creates

Also , it would give better insights to the assessment style students prefer. Personally, I am leaning towards exam but at the same time the procrastinator in me thrives off essays.

Overall I do think, Universities should consider students who fall under these different categories because students that struggle with a particular assessment style may never get to see their true learning potential.


Do you prefer essays ,course work or exams and why? Also, vote if you would be willing to partake in the research!