I stopped interacting with bloggers for two months

Over time, I have come to realize the importance of having mutuals and blog friends as a blogger. I noticed the impact on my blog especially in January when I decided to start engaging more with blogs I truly liked or am at least interested in.This skyrocketed my blog growth and interactions. I am still shocked by the impact. A clear example would be my views in January where I posted 6 times. Compared to my views in the whole of 2021 where I posted 11 times. I have over 700 views in the former and a little over 500 views in the latter. See?!

Views since March 2021 to January 2022

So I decided to not interact with any blog for a month to see the impact on my blog. Prior to this decision, I wasn’t interacting with many blogs, I think at most between 3-5 blogs. So in two months It was about 7 times or less, this included liking posts and replying to comments on my blog.

The impact of this on my blog is evident as now I am barely getting half of my January views. It’s quite interesting to see the decline over time.

Views since January
Visitors since January
Likes Since January

It is also key to note that there are other factors in play that could be causing this decline.

  1. I was posting on Wednesdays in January and Febuary but since then I have posted on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays on each month after that.
  2. I was scheduling my blogs 4 weeks before the actual post date so I don’t know if it gave off ‘not fresh’ vibes.
  3. I made alot of changes to my blog between the time period and some people did not like it.

Overall it was a pretty relaxing experience. I was able to blog consistently for months without actively being a blogger. I want to appreciate the people that interacted with my blog while I was gone-ish , It’s really amazing of you especially because you didn’t have to, but you did.

The moral of the experience here is that if views, visits and every other form of interaction is important to you, then I highly suggest interacting with other blogs and bloggers consistently. I will be giving an update when I post on Wednesdays again for a month, just to see if the days I posted on impacted anything.

Till then, see you in my next post.

Post Question: On average, how many times do you interact with other blogs/bloggers weekly?

2000 views on my blog!

As you can already tell from my last post. Well, who would have thought?! I am officially a MEGA SUPER STAR or almost one at least.

On the 23rd of January, @ebitimicreates surpassed 1000 views, and about 2 months after, on the 26th of March, she surpassed 2000 views! All this is following, my blog milestone post where I ended 2021 with over 500 views on my blog.

I am really happy about it, super ecstatic. It feels really good that I remained consistent, you know? I remember starting this blog and celebrating 5 blog posts and now this will be my 31st post on this blog.

Last year, between April to March, I published 11 posts. Now get this, between January and March this year, this would be my 20th post. It’s so crazy and amazing to see. In January alone, I had a little over 700 views and over 200 visitors. Like what is happening?!

I am soo proud of myself. I am happy I found something that I enjoy, it makes me feel really good that it’s growing this way.

Moving on, I want to be more intentional about what I post.

Question: How do you remain intentional about blogging. What does an intentional blog/blogger look like to you?

Okay that’s it for this post. See you in my next one!

My Blog Milestone and Reflection. 2021

Just like every other new blogger, I look at my stats a lot , like everyday. Scrolling through WordPress Reader(something I really love doing), I found a post by Lifestyle Season, reflecting on her blog last year. I already planned on posting about my blog growth and milestone on Wednesday wins ,like I usually do, but I liked the format she used .It was more detailed and it gave better insights on her growth. I also used My Blogging Annual Review to break this down as well. So today I will be giving a summary of my blog growth in 2021.

Here we go…

I started my blog in April ,2021 with three categories:

Student Journey now called Studenting (changed in Jan,2022)

Ebitimi Taste now called Just a taste(changed in Jan,2022)

Thriving Thursdays which I later changed to Wins-day/Wednesday wins some days after.

I’ve actually changed this to just ‘Wins day’. The reason for the initial change was because I decided I was going to post on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays. This new change is because I might change my posting days so…yeah.

My blogging schedule was posting every Wednesdays, once a week. In the whole of 2021, I published 11 posts. I had a total of 511 views ,162 visitors and 57 likes .

The views takes into account my other pages like homepage, Blog page, About, contact and archives page. I surpassed 500 views in December 2021, I grew to 14 followers. I published 4 posts in May ,2021. This made it my month with the highest number of published posts. My blog had the highest views ever on October 5 2021 , with a groundbreaking 69 views in one day.

My top three most viewed posts were…

My top three most liked posts were

Here are other Wins in my blog for 2021.


I am thoroughly impressed with my growth. I am thankful and humbled by the progress my blog has made even with my inconsistencies in 2021. Like really, I know it may sound odd but I genuinely did not expect people to view my post at all. This was/is like my very own private hobby on the Internet.

I am thankful to God, I am thankful to the people that read my posts , people that liked , and people that followed. I have to cackle a bit because it is embarrassingly funny and impressive at the same time. Out of 38 posts expected, I posted 11 . Based on this , you would be able to have a rough predictions of what my numbers would have possibly been , if you triple my current stats. Now that’s crazy.

Another reason why I am impressed is because these figures were from strangers. I kept this blog from family and friends (my decision), so It really amazes me to see what I have been able to achieve on my own. I am disappointed I wasn’t able to remain consistent. I already talked about how I felt in my previous post. Click here to view. It makes me wonder how much bigger my blog would have been if I remained consistent.

Moving Forward: Letter to myself

One of my goals in 2022 is to remain true to myself, and continuously write posts that reflect that. Also, I want to be more personal on my posts especially in the studenting section. I think it’s important that I give advice from my personal experience, which I do but I want to give off a ‘me to you’ vibe instead of a ‘me to all of you’ vibe, if that makes sensešŸ˜….

Another thing, I want to post twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays,but I know I am not ready because of other commitments I have with Uni and other extracurricular activities. So I’m hoping by next year, I will be ready to explore that.

I wish myself, Ebitimi Creates, all the people that have viewed , will view and are currently viewing Ebitimi Creates , the best of the year 2022!

One more thing! If you read this till the end(this is the end), Thank you . BTW Today is the last Wednesday of the month and I would like to celebrate that I have posted every wednesday in January. *Pats myself on the back*. Super proud of my consistency.

See you in February, the month of love.

Okay one more thing for the last time!Do you have any advice for bloggers,like myself, trying to be consistent? Drop it in the comments!