I made Boba Tea at home.

Hey Creatures!

As you can tell from the title , I made Boba Tea also know as Bubble Tea, at home. I also made other forms of drinks with the Boba so not every thing was actually Tea.

It was pretty easy to make and to be honest, ever since I started making my own Boba drinks, I’m begining to wonder why it takes soo much time to get Boba teas made at the shop, especially when I’m assuming they bulk make the Tapioca and all they have to do is make the teas…but I may be wrong.

It’s also interesting how much cheaper and easier it is to make Boba Tea at home compared to buying it at an actual shop. Yeah I understand convenient and preference but from someone who hates spending money but loves enjoying certain ‘luxuries’ in life , you have much more creative freedom with your drink.

I don’t want to sound like I’m throwing shade at people that can afford to buy Bubble tea multiple times… but I am. Teach me your ways, where do you get all that money from?


This is the list of Ingredients that I used to make the different bubble drinks I’ve made so far

Tapioca Boba/Balls/Pearls(google any, I’m sure it’ll pop up somehow)

Tetley Tea Bags(for the tea)

Honey/granulated sugar(I mostly use honey as a substitute for brown sugar)

Milk( so far, I have tried soya Milk, whole Milk, evaporated milk)

Caramel Syrup

Mango and passion fruit juice

This totals up to about £10(#5,479)which is for about 7 large servings before the Tapioca pearls finishes. The Boba tea shop near me charges £4.10(#2,246) for a medium serving of Boba Tea. So you see why I’m shading you all.

I have included pictures of some of the different bubble teas I have made so far.


This is how some of them looked. I would say my least Favorite one was the Mango and passion fruit drink. Mainly because the Juice was too acidic for me but I still loved it because of the Boba.

I think that everything looks good, I loved the tastes of all of them and I am supper obsessed.

I’ll rate all the drink I made 4/5 starts.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

That’s it for this post, see you in my next post creatures!

Question: Have you tried Boba/Bubble tea? what are your thoughts?