Homemade Raspberries and Black Grapes Smoothie

I usually don’t eat breakfast. Not because It makes my stomach hurt or I’m on a diet . 9 times out of 10 , I’m not eating breakfast because I’m in bed during the time frame people would consider breakfast period. So I end up starting the day with Lunch and I am not complaining.

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Anyways, in my goal to start having breakfast, I want to start having Smoothies for Breakfast. So I’m currently trying to explore more flavors through fruit combinations. In this case, Raspberries and Grapes. Raspberry was the cheapest fruit I could, three packs were going for £1. Who doesn’t love a bargain? . I chose black grapes because I love them , they’re part of my top 5 favorite fruits so it was to safest option to pair for me.

The Results

This is the outcome of the blend. It looks great. I decided to sieve out the smoothie, so it’s smoother. I added water because I prefer runny smoothies. I have never been a fan of thick smoothies . So this consistency is perfect from me. Of course it is , I made it.

I was disappointed by the taste. One of the reasons I like black grapes is because they’re really sweet. However, it seems these raspberries were too sour ,so the sweetness of the grapes was overshadowed by the sourness of the raspberries. I think the grapes also reduced the overall sourness. Sis was fighting for her life in the blender. All this to say, this smoothie did not taste as sweet as I expected…or sweet at all. I didn’t measure the Raspberry to Grape ratio but I did add more Raspberry.

I rate this is a 0.5/5. I don’t plan to try this combination again. I also struggled to finish it.

The Most filling Bagel Breakfast: Student Approved.

Growing up ,foods such as bagels and other bread varieties were never a vital part of my diet. When I came to UK , I would always purchase food that I ate back home or were at least similar to them. None of them were bagels, ofcourse.

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When I saw a video of someone eating Bagels (and having a good time), as a self-proclaimed enjoyment minister , it was only right to try it. So I went to the the store and got sausages , Bagels and eggs because I had something in my head that I wanted to attempt.


I added a picture gallery of the step by step process of making it. I don’t think you’re here for the recipe so let’s keep it pushing.

My thoughts on bagels

I like them. I think they are almost chewy in a way,if that makes sense. Unlike sliced bread which is softer and lighter, Bagels are more dense and I like that which is why I tend to use it as I would, a burger bun.

My Thoughts On This Bagel Breakfast

This meal took around thirty minutes to make. This may vary depending on people’s speed in the kitchen. Personally, I enjoy eating fried eggs. It just has this unique taste and texture to it . The diversity of eggs and what can be done with it. AMAZING. Also,I’ve found it goes really well with bagel.

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I think this can be an everyday breakfast or mid-day snack. If you take out the sausages and stick with just eggs,it cuts down a lot of the time and calories in this meal. Overall I’m happy with it and It is definitely a budget meal for Me!


Have you tried bagels before? What was your first impression?