Fruit Cocktail in Grape juice smoothie.

Hi Creatures!

Yes, another smoothie post. I’m guessing you didn’t try the last one. Good. it tasted terrible. If you’re new here, welcome!. I was talking about the Homemade Raspberries and Black Grapes Smoothie, I made last time.

Anyways back to the post…

I was looking forward to trying out a mango and black grape smoothie but I couldn’t find mangoes. Okay that’s a lie. I couldn’t find cheap mangoes. So I checked the canned goods section , hoping to find something(canned mangoes), and there it was…canned fruit cocktail , in grape juice. GRAPE. As, I mentioned in my previous post, Grape-well black grape- is my top 5 fruit. So I just had to buy it.


Okay this is the outcome of the blend.


I think this is a great color. Tbh the sun plays a role in adding to the beauty.


To be honest, I only took a sip out of it an ended up throwing everything away. It smelled soo bad, like it smelled like old, stale, musty fruit. I don’t know how to explain it(even though I just explained it lol). The ‘grape juice’ was absolutely not nice, was that even grape Juice? ugh. Even while blending it , I felt like throwing up(okay that was because of something else but still). Asides from the looks, I have nothing positive to say about this experience.

Rating: 0/5. Never again.

Hopefully the next one I try will be better.

Homemade Raspberries and Black Grapes Smoothie

I usually don’t eat breakfast. Not because It makes my stomach hurt or I’m on a diet . 9 times out of 10 , I’m not eating breakfast because I’m in bed during the time frame people would consider breakfast period. So I end up starting the day with Lunch and I am not complaining.

diana complaining GIF by YoungerTV

Anyways, in my goal to start having breakfast, I want to start having Smoothies for Breakfast. So I’m currently trying to explore more flavors through fruit combinations. In this case, Raspberries and Grapes. Raspberry was the cheapest fruit I could, three packs were going for £1. Who doesn’t love a bargain? . I chose black grapes because I love them , they’re part of my top 5 favorite fruits so it was to safest option to pair for me.

The Results

This is the outcome of the blend. It looks great. I decided to sieve out the smoothie, so it’s smoother. I added water because I prefer runny smoothies. I have never been a fan of thick smoothies . So this consistency is perfect from me. Of course it is , I made it.

I was disappointed by the taste. One of the reasons I like black grapes is because they’re really sweet. However, it seems these raspberries were too sour ,so the sweetness of the grapes was overshadowed by the sourness of the raspberries. I think the grapes also reduced the overall sourness. Sis was fighting for her life in the blender. All this to say, this smoothie did not taste as sweet as I expected…or sweet at all. I didn’t measure the Raspberry to Grape ratio but I did add more Raspberry.

I rate this is a 0.5/5. I don’t plan to try this combination again. I also struggled to finish it.