It’s the consistency for me! 5 Blog posts celebrations

Welcome to another Wednesdays wins post where we celebrate our wins because why not?

It may not be that obvious from the the title but I’m really, really excited. This is me right now.

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Ebitimi Creates has 6 posts on it! This is a big deal. This is a really big deal for me. You cannot begin understand how much this means to me. I post once a week on my blog and three times a week on my other platforms. So for 6 weeks , I have been posting 4 times in a week as planned(well not exactly but the posts have been going up,i’m trying…)

Yes, I wrote all the posts,I planned and I put in the effort but it’s just crazy because I actually did it. It shows consistency , less procrastination, increased seriousness and overall growth on my part. A very big congratulations to me!

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To be honest, I didn’t expect this much from myself this time because I have attempted to blog at a consistent rate for a long time. I am glad that I didn’t give up and continued trying and I hope to continue like this. Thanks to everyone who reads, shares and supports Ebitimi Creates . You deserve an even bigger win and you’ll get it soon!

I really do want to know your smallest wins and biggest wins for the week,month or year. So feel free to let me know via comments or contact page!

I have a post coming soon after this. Some updates will be coming up in regards to the ‘better-ing’ the blog. With that being said,

Let’s prepare for an amazing weekend,shall we?

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The Most filling Bagel Breakfast: Student Approved.

Growing up ,foods such as bagels and other bread varieties were never a vital part of my diet. When I came to UK , I would always purchase food that I ate back home or were at least similar to them. None of them were bagels, ofcourse.

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When I saw a video of someone eating Bagels (and having a good time), as a self-proclaimed enjoyment minister , it was only right to try it. So I went to the the store and got sausages , Bagels and eggs because I had something in my head that I wanted to attempt.


I added a picture gallery of the step by step process of making it. I don’t think you’re here for the recipe so let’s keep it pushing.

My thoughts on bagels

I like them. I think they are almost chewy in a way,if that makes sense. Unlike sliced bread which is softer and lighter, Bagels are more dense and I like that which is why I tend to use it as I would, a burger bun.

My Thoughts On This Bagel Breakfast

This meal took around thirty minutes to make. This may vary depending on people’s speed in the kitchen. Personally, I enjoy eating fried eggs. It just has this unique taste and texture to it . The diversity of eggs and what can be done with it. AMAZING. Also,I’ve found it goes really well with bagel.

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I think this can be an everyday breakfast or mid-day snack. If you take out the sausages and stick with just eggs,it cuts down a lot of the time and calories in this meal. Overall I’m happy with it and It is definitely a budget meal for Me!


Have you tried bagels before? What was your first impression?