Phone Swap Movie Review| Nigerian Romantic Comedy.

Today I will be reviewing the amazing Nigerian movie called Phone Swap. Am I spoiling my spoiler review by telling you on the first line that it was an amazing watch? Yes , I am.

So let’s get into it

I watched this movie the other day and my friend is a living witness. I was actually laughing and grinning like a Cheshire cat. It was a really relaxing and entertaining watch.


Mary is clearly overwhelmed by work , her boss was taking credit for her designs , her neighbours remained nosy by constantly asking her when she was going to marry. Her father was calling her for conflict resolution in regards to her troublesome younger sister. Her younger sister, physically assaults her husband, in this particular case she had grabbed her husbands pen!s and squeezed it…aggressively. Hence , as the first born , Mary had to come and help beg the husband and his family member to forgive her. Around this time, Mary found that her boyfriend was married. Chaos.

Akin was an arrogant business man, he was trying to go behind his boss back to encourage a merger between departments that may cause a lot of his colleagues to loose their jobs. He was trying to also make his way up the ladder as well. He had a leach for a girlfriend and I think to an extent, he was actually done with their relationship. He had a loquacious assistant, who informed his mum of his daily movement. His mum, who has also been pressuring him to bring his girl friend home.

In addition to these two main Characters were others such as Mary’s family, Mary’s co-worker, Akin’s Mother ,his assistant as well as his co-workers. All these added to the comedic flair of the movie. Although I need to say that , the way Akin and Mary fell in love felt a bit rushed.

Favourite Scene

My favourite scene in this movie was Akin’s first time eating in Mary’s house. A lot of traditional Nigerian meals are eaten with our hands. However, Akin came from a ‘Westernised’ household where he is used to eating with Cutleries. Imagine eating Eba with fork and knife in a traditionally/culturally driven Nigerian household looool. Anyways, I found it funny because everyone was digging into the food with their hands and Akin was there asking for cutlery.

Rating: 4.5/5

I will definitely watch again.