Do NOT record and send videos of me to other people without my consent.

Remember my last post , where I mentioned that some good and not good things have happened to me-well this is one of them. Honestly, I would have kept this to myself except I was really upset by the situation.

My colleague and I were joking around and crawling on the floor(silly, I know but the context was funny though). This colleague of mine recorded a video of me from behind -without my consent. When I realized this, I asked this person to send the video to me and let’s just say I was not comfortable with that video of me being on anyone’s phone. I was really embarrassed by this (To be honest, I was not embarrassed by the video but I was embarrassed at the thought of other people seeing the video and having the video) so I asked the person not to send the video to other people, this colleague responded by informing me that they had sent it to two other colleagues, so if I didn’t ask ,I wouldn’t have known.

Althought I do not want to dive too deep into these situation, it brings me to something that I have always know and wondered. I consider myself an Omnivert because I can be really quiet or really outgoing. I have found it hard to really balance this all my life as these two sides of me do not agree most times. One minute, the extroverted side of me wants you to be my friend and for us to hang out, but the next minute the introverted side of me wants you to leave me alone and not talk to me. There’s rarely any middle ground here.

I am bringing this up to point out that I did not even want to go out and hang out with my colleagues on this day, but my extroverted self had already agreed. I could have backed out but my introverted self had cancelled over 5 times so we all(I mean all the sides of me ) agreed it was time I came through. There is more reason for this but as I mentioned, I don’t want to dive too deep into this. I would say this, even with this embarrassing event, I still consider this colleague and all my other colleagues to be really nice people and I still look forward to hanging out with them in the future, although I still have some reservations.

Mini update: It turns out I omited the ‘don’t’ when sending the message , so I sent ‘please send this to anyone’ instead of ‘please don’t send this to anyone’ but I believe my colleague had already sent it before then. I spoke to my colleague about it and they pointed it out to me. I apologized for the miscommucation and told the person that even though I said that, for the future just let me know before sending any videos of me to anyone, they apologised as well for sending out the video and…happily ever after.

Okay that’s it for this post. I want to know what you think of this post, mainly because it is personal , recent and I don’t think I have ever done a real life storytime on here before. Anyways, see you next week Wednesday!