Uni De-stress|Solo Trip to Sheffield

I almost did not post this week and I’m shocked at my level of procrastination(not really). BUT I am currently typing and will be posting this in real-time, so little disclaimer-It will have little to no edits so readers discretion is advised.

Anyways welcome back to my YouTube channel, I’m back with another video(I can’t help myself). In today’s post, as the title reads I will be telling you how my Uni de-stress went. (Question for you: How do you de-stress?)

Every day, I learn new things about myself and one of the things I found out years ago is that I do not like stress, at all. It overwhelms me. So with the peak of the academic season coming to an end , I thought it was only right for me to de-stress.

Something I have always wanted to do is travel across borders internationally for purely relaxation and enjoyment purposes , I am thankful for my life and privileges so although I do not have the resources for that now, I will have it soon and will let you-my co-creatures- know about it. Instead for now, I decided to travel across borders domestically by going to *drumroll* Sheffield!(act surprised!)

My trip to Sheffield was quite nice, the journey was smooth and I had nothing to complain about. When I got there, I walked about for a bit before visiting the winter garden. To be fair, it wasn’t hard to find, it was literally just across the station. Although the garden was beautiful, I was quite underwhelmed. For some reason I thought it’d be quiet and peaceful but there was a cafe inside so quite a few people were talking. There were also children running around. So I ended up staying there for less than 5 minutes. Bear in mind this was about 9:30am in the morning.

Moving on from here, I saw really great architectural designs which I was very impressed by and even better, I saw the Japanese buffet restaurant that I was excited to eat from. Unfortunately, from their opening times displayed I realized they only opened in the evening and I had booked my return ticket 30 minutes after they open. So I made the choice to eat somewhere else.

After walking about for a bit, I purchased a Day bus ticket so that I could go round the city. For the bulk of my trip, I was on the bus and if I saw anything interesting , I would come down explore the area and the view and then get back on a bus and keep moving. Through this strategy, I coincidentally found myself at the Botanical garden. I was excited and shocked that I found it so I immediately got down from the bus.

I stayed there for a while, took some pictures and videos of the scenery and myself (#selfies). Then I sat on one of the chairs and reflected on how I felt at the moment. It was honestly so peaceful and therapeutic. Afterwards, I was really hungry so I went to a Chinese buffet restaurant but since I was solo they said I couldn’t get the buffet. So I had a three course meal instead which I would rate a strong 6/10. It was okay , just not okay enough.

Overall I had a swell time, I am happy I went alone and spent some quality time with myself in a new city, I am also happy I got to do something non-academic related. So Cheers to that!

In the future, I think I might make plans for activity in the place I’m going to. Mailny because I feel because I was going to the city to explore, I ended up walking around most of the time, but I think learning about the city and doing something fun as well will help my trip organisation and make it better. So I would rate this trip a strong 6/10. I’m manifesting more trips and better experiences for the future, by God’s grace.

That’s it for this post, see you in my next one!

My Blog Milestone and Reflection. 2021

Just like every other new blogger, I look at my stats a lot , like everyday. Scrolling through WordPress Reader(something I really love doing), I found a post by Lifestyle Season, reflecting on her blog last year. I already planned on posting about my blog growth and milestone on Wednesday wins ,like I usually do, but I liked the format she used .It was more detailed and it gave better insights on her growth. I also used My Blogging Annual Review to break this down as well. So today I will be giving a summary of my blog growth in 2021.

Here we go…

I started my blog in April ,2021 with three categories:

Student Journey now called Studenting (changed in Jan,2022)

Ebitimi Taste now called Just a taste(changed in Jan,2022)

Thriving Thursdays which I later changed to Wins-day/Wednesday wins some days after.

I’ve actually changed this to just ‘Wins day’. The reason for the initial change was because I decided I was going to post on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays. This new change is because I might change my posting days so…yeah.

My blogging schedule was posting every Wednesdays, once a week. In the whole of 2021, I published 11 posts. I had a total of 511 views ,162 visitors and 57 likes .

The views takes into account my other pages like homepage, Blog page, About, contact and archives page. I surpassed 500 views in December 2021, I grew to 14 followers. I published 4 posts in May ,2021. This made it my month with the highest number of published posts. My blog had the highest views ever on October 5 2021 , with a groundbreaking 69 views in one day.

My top three most viewed posts were…

My top three most liked posts were

Here are other Wins in my blog for 2021.


I am thoroughly impressed with my growth. I am thankful and humbled by the progress my blog has made even with my inconsistencies in 2021. Like really, I know it may sound odd but I genuinely did not expect people to view my post at all. This was/is like my very own private hobby on the Internet.

I am thankful to God, I am thankful to the people that read my posts , people that liked , and people that followed. I have to cackle a bit because it is embarrassingly funny and impressive at the same time. Out of 38 posts expected, I posted 11 . Based on this , you would be able to have a rough predictions of what my numbers would have possibly been , if you triple my current stats. Now that’s crazy.

Another reason why I am impressed is because these figures were from strangers. I kept this blog from family and friends (my decision), so It really amazes me to see what I have been able to achieve on my own. I am disappointed I wasn’t able to remain consistent. I already talked about how I felt in my previous post. Click here to view. It makes me wonder how much bigger my blog would have been if I remained consistent.

Moving Forward: Letter to myself

One of my goals in 2022 is to remain true to myself, and continuously write posts that reflect that. Also, I want to be more personal on my posts especially in the studenting section. I think it’s important that I give advice from my personal experience, which I do but I want to give off a ‘me to you’ vibe instead of a ‘me to all of you’ vibe, if that makes sensešŸ˜….

Another thing, I want to post twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays,but I know I am not ready because of other commitments I have with Uni and other extracurricular activities. So I’m hoping by next year, I will be ready to explore that.

I wish myself, Ebitimi Creates, all the people that have viewed , will view and are currently viewing Ebitimi Creates , the best of the year 2022!

One more thing! If you read this till the end(this is the end), Thank you . BTW Today is the last Wednesday of the month and I would like to celebrate that I have posted every wednesday in January. *Pats myself on the back*. Super proud of my consistency.

See you in February, the month of love.

Okay one more thing for the last time!Do you have any advice for bloggers,like myself, trying to be consistent? Drop it in the comments!