3 Best purchases I made in 2021

Hey Creatures!

As I have expressed may times on my blog, I don’t like spending my money on unnecessary things, in fact, I don’t like spending my money. Period. But when I do spend money , I try as much as possible to make sure it’s worth it.

Anyways last year , I bought many great things , but in this post I will be mentioning 3 of my best purchases I made in 2021. These items have been so helpful and I hope to use them for at least two more years. So let’s get into it.

My Phone Cases

I bought this off of Ali express for £3.99(including tax) which is about ₦2,252. When I first got them I got it in the white and pink colour(Left Pic). After using it for a while , I loved the case so much that I decided to get it in black and green(right pic). My phone has fallen multiple times but with this case I am well assured that my phone safe because of the design of this case. I LOVE IT.

My Hook Earphones

OOOHHH this one right here! Who remembers when I mentioned in my post last year on Wednesday wins about being gifted the left ear of hook earphones (Link to post). Well, I ended up getting my own and all I have to say is money well spent. I bought this off Amazon for £22.92 which is about ₦12,940. I carry this almost everywhere, super convenient. The case is also a charger for the earphones which has proven useful on multiple occasion . It also has a touch feature so I can change the song and volume without touching my phone. I LOVE IT.

My Water Bottle

If you have seen any of my Smoothie post on my blog, then you would have seen this particular water bottle.I bought it from a B&M store for £2 which is about ₦1,128. I have purchased bottles ranging from a 2 litre , 1 litre , 700ml to even 500ml but none has satisfied me like this 450ml bottle. I cannot explain why but I just love it.

To round up, I am really happy with these purchases. I honestly use them on a daily basis and I am happy with the price I paid for all of them.

Okay that’s it for this post, see you in my next one!

Temporary Suspension of this Category| Special Saturday

I’m temporarily suspending posting in this section. Goodbye.

Okay, I have the urge to leave the post as it is with that statement but I can’t help my self! I have to write just a little bit more. As you already know I am a student, if you didn’t , then you must be new here. Welcome!, I’m trying to break up with my blog…temporarily. If you’re not new here, Welcome back!

Anyways, with the workload I have right now, I’ve decided to not post on Thinkers Thoughts for a while. I have my three other sections and they don’t take up as much of my time as this section so it’s best to put this on pause for a while.

I don’t know when this would be back but you’ll know when you see another post from here after this. As much as I am trying to remain consistent this year, I can’t kill my self on top one section of my whole blog.

So yeah, you can look at other great posts I have and If you care, you can subscribe to see the next post that I’ll post after this.

Good Bye this time…temporarily.

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