Thinkers Thoughts

This space is for people that love to think and share their thoughts. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinions on books ,series and other media I am recommended. Enjoy the spoilers…or not.

XOXO- Gossip Girl Review

For many weeks, I watched gossip girl , I found the drama and constant chaos to be very relaxing and entertaining, is that just me? Anyways, I finally finished it yesterday and the ending was soo unsatisfying and very unexpected . I have some things I want to get off my mind so here’s my… Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

I can and can’t believe it at the same time. We are in 2022!. That’s crazyy. Happy new year everyone, wishing you love , life and light in everything you do. Speaking of New, I’m debuting a new category! Say hello to Thinkers thoughts. To start of the year , it’s only right we do… Continue Reading →

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